About Us

About Us

NY3 Design Group believes in the driving force of the business community as being an intricate part of our shared world. By sculpting out a company’s message and culture in the spaces in which they work, sell and live, the client’s goal becomes a three dimensional environment reinforcing their message. Established in 2002, NY3 Design Group has provided a unique combination of design and management services for over ten years. We believe the art of Interior Design can catapult success for our clients.

David Freire,

Assoc. AIA


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David Freire has over 20 years experience in the design and construction industry within the New York metropolitan area. David has developed NY3 Design Group into a vehicle for establishing a new standard of design aesthetics where collaboration with each individual client leads to unique projects which respond to context, project finances, construction schedules and the creation of meaningful, utilitarian, fun and creative spaces.
As a native New Yorker, David graduated from the Pratt Institute School of Architecture and freelanced throughout his education at various architectural firms gaining valuable experience in all aspects of creating the built environment. Working for contractors, plumbers, estimators, fabricators, architects and engineers gave David a well rounded exposure to the ins and outs of the art of building. With an in depth knowledge of building codes, zoning regulations and city agency procedures, David provides Clients with a Total Project Approach.

In 2002, David co-founded NY3 Design Group and continues to strive forward.