Our design services include Programming, Space Planning, Construction Documents, Contract Administration and Specifications; all or some of which may be mandatory for a project.

Expediting services are presented which grants the client a “one stop shopping” experience rarely offered by Professional Designers. Technical drawing services can be obtained by anyone for purposes not necessarily associated with NY3’s Design Services; an aspect of the industry which usually can only be obtained by a Drafting company and not Design Firms.

All projects require some manner of Project Management, which is indicative of being a Design Professional; NY3 can also be retained for management as a separate item from our Design Services. This approach has allowed NY3 to fulfill all of our client’s needs.

Design & Planning

Interior Design is a spatial art and is concerned with all aspects of human habitation of designed spaces and the process through which the spaces come to fruition.

NY3 Design Group offers all aspects of design and planning, focusing on the client’s goal for the desired success of each project. Strategic alliances with Architectural and Engineering firms allow NY3 to expand the use of its services to assist our clients in all their endeavors.


NY3 offers our clients services needed to obtain the required governing agency approvals for construction permits, occupancy or use allowances. Customized consulting contracts for signing off open applications and violation removals are designed on an individual basis to accommodate all projects and budgets.

Project Management

A vital aspect of any project is the management team’s expertise, dedication and ability to follow through to completion. NY3 works with clients to develop and monitor schedules and construction costs; ensure construction is completed in conformance with contracts and design intent; liaison with contractors and consultants throughout the course of construction; review shop drawings and submissions from the contractor; observe and report on construction progress; monitor move-in and furniture installations; and conduct required post-occupancy evaluations.